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【Name】Xin Le Kang Tablets
【Approval Number】国药准字B2002529号
This product is developed by the president Yu Shunan from Chinese Medical Science and Technology Development Center, Institute of neurasthenia after 20 years of exploration and research.
The Pure Chinese Medicine to balance CNS Media "catecholamines" and "5 - hydroxytryptamine", is approved by more than 40 Experts from Chinese Medical Association Organization. It is approved that the drug prescriptions reasonable, theoretical novelty, non-toxic side effects, no addiction and dependence, is one of the efficacy drugs for neurasthenia treatment in current domestic market. It can be substitution of Benzodiazepine hypnotics.

【Indications】Balancing liver, nourishing heart and tranquilizing. Be applicable for neurasthenia, such as insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, irritability, etc. 
【Dosage and Administration】1. Orally taken 2~3 tablet once, 3 times per day. Or follow the doctor’s advice.
2.   Treatment solution: A treatment is for 20 days. Normally takes 2-3 treatments medication (except for special case).

【Precautions】Do not overfatigue during medication, no wine and spicy food.
【Specifications】0.25g/tablet, Aluminum Foil Packing, 12 tablets/plate, 3 plates/box
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